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Important remark on forming stamping die use
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Important remark on the use of forming stamping die:

1. When using the forming die, the numerical control punch is strictly prohibited to stamp without sheet metal, can not punch empty, at the same time should always check the tightness of the locking screw, otherwise, it is easy to cause the damage of the CNC punch press and mould.

2. It’s better to choose form up for molding direction, so that to avoid the forming shape crash with the table ball after molding and cause product deformation.

3. The forming up stamping die is usually higher than the standard die, therefore, try not to use the punch hole tool station that beside the forming tool, so as to avoid indentation on the plate, when not in use, please take out the forming tool from machine and oil it and store it into mould storage cabinet, so as to andremove the oil from the machine mold storage cabinet, to prevent rust and dust from causing damage to the mold.

4. The closure height of each CNC punch press and stamping strock are different, therefore, each mold in each use must be adjusted to the minimum height, and don't use it directly on the other punch, it can be used again after a fine-tuning on the heignt, so as to avoid damage to machine tools and tooling.

5. The full forming of the mold require to adjust distance slightly, the operator must be patient and careful in the process. Fine tuning mode like below:

1) For large distance adjustment, please adjust the height of the punch head assembly;

2) The CNC punching hammer stroke is not adjustable, so you can only adjust the punch head assembly height;

3) The CNC punching hammer stroke is adjustable, while programming, only need to modify the machine parameters to meet the requirements;

6. For forming process, must choose forming mold process programe, sufficient discharge time is set aside while programming, and reduce the punch speed to the lowest, low velocity impact, allow the forming material to have sufficient time to be separated from the mold, avoid the distortion of the plate and the forming position deviation.

7. For forming or non-standard forming tool, please lubricate two side of the sheet metal well, so that to enhance the fluidity of the plate in forming, and reduce the chance of plate rupture.

8. For high forming die, there’s a phenomemon that the scratch and impact on the plate will cause deformation, to put a ball roller die as secondary transition on both side of the high molding lower die will avoid the occurrence of this problem.

9. Use other molding tool around the high forming die, or to use standard punch tool to process continuously will cause plate deformation.

10. The plate forming shape position should keep away from clamp and punch hole position, the forming shape process should be in the last step in the whole punching process.


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