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Auoto grinder for turret punch press tools--new design!!hot selling!!!good price!!!
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JSTM-150 Mold Grinder specially designed to grind CNC punch press tools


Work table adopts imported high precision liner rolling guide, windowsill stable, operation easy.

This grinder can used to grind various kinds of cutter, end mill, R-type cutter, cylindrical cutter, three-blade cutter, single angle cutter, reamer, lather tool, R-type lather tool, hobs, drill, taps, chisel, powerfull cutting tool, ring cutter etc.


The motor can rotate 360 degree, equipped with grinding wheel on two side, increase interoperability of grinding. When grind different material tool, only need to rotate wheel head, then can start to grind, no need to change wheel, that will increase security and reduce wheel interchange and refurbishment time.


Adopt high strength FC30 cast iron so as to maintain long-term mechanical precision.


JSTM-150 Mold Grinder

Motor Power


Motor Speed


Wheel Diameter


Max. Grind Dimeter


Max.Feed Rate


Machine Weight


Outline Dimension




1. Grinding range: various types of CNC turret punch press tools for both home and abroad brands.

2. The grinding parallelism is 0.03mm.

3. The machine has automatic water pump cooling system.


Machine accessories:

A. 1pcs grinding wheel;

B. 1 set mold grinding tool set which is assembled according to customer’s tooling type;

C. 1pcs demagnetiser;

D. 1 set spanners;

E. 1pcs precision positioning chuck.



It has small volume and covers small area;

It’s very convenient for grinding and easy operation.

It has low cost.


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