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Mould Usage And Maintainance
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The use of any item must follow the correct method, mold is no exception also. To choose the right use, storage, maintenance methods not only can extend the life of the mold, also can guarantee the quality of the processing products. Then how should we do?

Mould storage

1. Use a clean cloth to clean the inside and outside of guide, oil to anti rust, dustproof, so as to prevent mold bite due to corrosion.

2. Pay attention not to produce surface bumps scratches or dents during storage, so best to put toolings into the special mould management carbinet.

3. Mould turnover, mould preparation pushcart can prevent mold car bumps, reduce downtime, shorten the waiting time.

Preparation before use

1. Clean the upper die sleeve thoroughly before use, thoroughly clean every parts before assembly.

2. Carefully check whether there’s bruising or burr on the sliding fit of the punch, guide, die etc, if neccessary please remove it gently by fine oil stone.

3. Punch station installation to adjust the direction, the sliding fit into the guide sleeve, correct positioning after locking the hoisting bolt must be using special tool for dismounting vigorously locking.

Mold installation into the turret

1. Clean the turret hole wall and keyway and supernatant engine oil.

2. Adjust the keyway of the guide and make it coincide with the key on the turret hole.

3. Insert the guide vertically into the turret hole, be careful that it can not have any tilt. The guide will slide into the turret hole by self weight.

4. If the guide is inclined to one side, a soft material tool such as a nylon hammer can be used to knock it gently and repeatedly until the guide is slid into the correct position by the self weight.

5. Note: you can not force on the guide diameter, can only blow the top of the punch head slightly, so as not to damage the turret hole.

Mold maintenance

1. Please always check the performance of the spring, the excessive use of the spring will make the spring fatigue, real-time replacement is necessary.

2. Dismanting mold monthly , remove the dirt on the punch body, guide, die with gasoline (diesel oil). Reassemble the tools after cleaning and oil it. This will ensure the tool has good lubricating performance.

3. Regularly oil the mold. Oiling point is on the guide. Using light oil on the interface of the punch body and guide and on the die. Oiling times is depending on the processing materials condition. For cold rolled steel, corrosion resistant plate which are without rust and non fouling materials, need often oiling.

4. For rust fouling materials, when processing the rust powder will be inhaled into the punch and guide and will generate dirt, which will make the punch not slide in the guide freely. in this case, it needs to clean the tool oftenly and moderate oil it, otherwise the mould will bite.


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