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Super High Type Half Shear Punch Tool
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Super High Type Half Shear Punch Tool

Function of the forming shape die

1)Super high half shear punch tool is used to precise positioning of products, card position and product appearance decoration;

2)  To fill the blank of current half shear tool failures to arrive more than two times of plate thickness (including material thickness), normally half shear forming height can only arrive to 1.5 times plate thickness (including plate thickness);

3) Improve product technology, meet the diversity of products, improve the product quality and production efficiency;

Matters needing attention

1) While program scheduling, mould process at last step;

2) Mold should make avoidance processing;

3) To ensure that the spring is compressed enough, choose spring with maximum elastic force, can produce extrusion material force before forming shape, so that to make material form up or down and to ensure the effect of extrusion molding;

4) Mould can be corresponding with plate thickness (for example T=0.8), but can not instead the use of it;

Scope of application

1) Suitable material CRS/GI/AL;

2) Suitable plate thickness T0.8-T1.5.


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