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paper tubes, plastic pipes, steel pipes cutting mechanical blades
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1. Blades quality is reliable and stable;

2. Have a full range of specifications;

3. Can be tailored according to customer requirements;

4. High precision sharp enough, wear-resistant, smooth edge, no burr

Introduction of tenroy blades: 

Tenroy company is also specialized in manufacturing various kinds of shearing blades, circular cutting blade round knife, plastic scrap crushing blade, cutter blades, packaging machinery industry blades, tooth shaped thin blade, woodworking blades etc. Tenroy blades have stable and reliable quality, especially suitable for processing with cold-rolled plate, hot plate, general steel, stainless steel and billet shear. Our blades mainly used for the hot and cold thick sheet of cross-cutting, slitting, cold-rolled, hot-rolled and other products. The main material we choose are 3Cr2W8V, HBK, W6Mo5Cr4V2, SLD, 5CrW2Si, 6CrW2Si, H13 tool steel and other high-quality steel which confirm the durable sharp knife edge.


Mechanical shearing blades Specifications:



Hydraulic shears blade specifications:



Shearing blades model and specifications:

QC12Y-25×3200     (1100×125×32)    
QC12Y-12×2500     (1300×100×25)   
QC12Y-16×2500     (1300×100×25 )   
QC12Y-6×4000       (1025×80×20)
QC12Y-6×4000       (1025×80×20) 
DLB-16×3100         (3150×60×20)
QC12Y-4×2500       (1300×63×16) 
Q11-16×2500         (508×80×25)
DLB-6×3100           (3150×60×20)  
Q11-4×2500           (1270×70×22)
Q11-3×1500           (1545×80×25) 
Q11-3×1500           (1545×80×25)
Q11-4×2000           (1016×70×22) 
Q11-3×2000           (2020×80×25)
Q11-13×2500         (508×80×25)
Q11-20×2500         (840×100×30)


Tenroy shearing blades & various industrial cutters are made from a special analysis of high carbon, high chrome tool steel. They are applicable to steel, paper making, cardboard, box, forestry, metallurgy, rubber, plastic etc. The upper and lower die can be in wholes or segment to fit all customers’ machine. Each blades will be tested before shipment. And their stable quality with long working life will be your best choice.


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