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88 degree right angle upper punch tools
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Tenroy press brake toolings adopt advanced processing technic and the accuracy arrives to +-0.1mm for all the important part. The material we choose is 42CrMo and heat treatment is HRC47+02.

Tenroy toolings’advantages88 degree right angle upper punch

  • Production System: advanced manufacturing equipment, standardization, advanced processing technology
  • High Precision: all the tool’s cutting edge adopt grinding forming one time, so as to confirm the same angle, R angle and height for the same mold no. The accuracy range is +-0.01mm for the key parts. This will ensure the unchanged assemble precision even mold are bought from different time.
  • Standarization: we have the same standard with international main brand. Our toolings can make simple exchange assembly with international brand tools. The standard tool does not need a second operation to correct the deviation, so that to save replacing mold time.
  • More Durable: with overall quenching and refining process, the tools will be more durable. The hardness for the bending tools is HRC47+-2.

Product model



H (mm)

R Available

Material & Heat Treatment





0.2R, 0.6R, 0.8R, 1.5R, 3.0R

 42CrMo & HRC47+-2





The clamping structure for the upper punch:

clamping sturcture

Standard segment

Standard length for press brake tools is L835 and S415. Customers can make combination use according the bending machine worktable.

standard bending lengthlength details

upper punch length

lower die length


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