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trumpf dies plate mating trumpf tool cartridge
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1. High endurance surface, longer tool life;

2. Small distortion of material;

3. Smooth molding, Fast adjustability;

4. Nice interchangeability.

Production Description:

Tenroy company is specialized in producing Trumpf series punch press tools. The full set tool is made of high quality tool steel with tight tolerances, good performance and durable using.

Trumpf standard punch and die



Punch body


Size 0-A



Size 0-B



Size 1-A



Size 1-B



Size 2-A



Size 2-B



Size 2-C



Size 2-D



Size 3




Trumpf LongLife Series punch press tools


LongLife series cutting toolss excellent wear resistance and toughness bring you excellent product performance, create high-quality stampings and extend die life. The advantages of tenroy longlife tools are as below:

A. Inserted punch blade

1) Made of M4PM high speed steel

2) Can use four types of shape tool: rectangle, oval, wedge and trapezoid

3) Optional imperial and metric sizes is between 0.787 "(19,98 mm) and 3.00" (76,20 mm)

4) Titanium and zirconium Maxima ™ coating is available

5) Size specifications:

PPDE*A Size 56    0.787(19,98) to 2.205(56,00) 
PPDF*A Size 76    2.206(56,01) to 3.000(76,20) 


B. Inserted punch holder

1) Can choose between two types of inserted punch holder

2) Integrated proofreading ring can assemble tools quickly and accurately

3) If you prefer to manually set the angle, then it can be used with heavy duty framing ring to match the inserted punch holder

4) LongLifes any punches seat can be used in conjunction with the conventional machine strippers

C. Inserted die blade

1) Using M4PM tool steel, better strength, more wear-resistant

2) Can use monolithic or two-piece types

3) Can use four types of shape tool: rectangle, oval, wedge and trapezoid

4) Optional imperial and metric sizes is between 0.787 "(19,98 mm) and 3.00" (76,20 mm)

5) Can use 11 standard lower die clearance, or user sets the distance he needs

6) Size speicifications:

When ordering oval inserted punches, the inserted die must be rounded rectangle

DSDE*Single Inserted Die Size 56   0.787(19,98) to 2.205(56,00) 
DEDE*Double Inserted Die Size 56   0.787(19,98) to 2.205(56,00)  

DSDF*Single Inserted Die 76  0.787(19,98) to 3.000(76,20) 
DTDF*Double Inserted Die 76  0.787(19,98) to 3.000(76,20) 


D. Inserted die holder

1) Accurate positioning

2) Inserted die can be loaded into one inserted die holder

3) 2.205"(56,00 mm) inseted length

4) 3.000"(76,20 mm) inserted length

5) Can locate 0 and 90 degree accurately, greatly increase flexibility

6) Die holder combination dimensions:
DPD2H056 arrive to .250 x 2.000(6,35x56,00)
DPD2H076 arrive to .250 x 3.000(6,35x76,20) 

7) Die shim size:

MATE01326 5,00 x 56,00 .012(0,30mm) thick 
MATE01327 5,00 x 56,00 .020(0,51mm) thick 
MATE01328 5,00 x 76,20 .012(0,30mm) thick 
MATE01329 5,00 x 76,20 .020(0,51mm) thick


Trumpf Style Tool Cartridge & Die Plate

1) High-performance lightweight design

2) Fully compatible with the original

3) Aviation carbon fiber material & polymer steel, very durable and ecnomic

4) Tool cartridge and die plate can be supplied separately or as an accessory

5) It can be equipped with the following trumpf model that using new stripper: 200, 500R, 600L, 1000, 2000, 2010L, 2020R, 3000, 3000L, 5000R, 6000L

Trumpf Alignment Ring and Intermediate Ring



1) The precision machined keyway can accommodate the heat-treated punches lacating key, without any jig, you can follow the position of the die to make precise positioning.

2) Precision grinding upper and lower surfaces can take the initiative connected with punches shoulder, which reduce punch body stress and extend tooling life.

3) Make rigid connection between the punch body locating key and adjustment ring keyway, eliminating the possibility of punch body relative displacements.

4) Using seismic tool steel to eliminate scratches and extend using life.

5) Is compatible with traditional Trumpf Size 2 punch body.

6) Is interchangeable with QuickLock™ size1 and size2 punch body.

Applicable machine models: Various trumpf new and old model, Size I, Size II, 0-A, 0-B station, MT10, MT5 etc.

Factory View:

Product Application:

Tenroy toolings are widely used in communications equipment, kitchen equipment, hotel equipment, solar energy equipment, machine equipment, power and electrical control cabinets, low voltage switch cabinet, aviation, military, ships, locomotives, cars, refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, elevators, security door manufacturing, stainless steel decoration, cabinet manufacturing, and other sheet metal industries.

Why US:

1.  Highly qualified technicians in tenroy who constantly update their knowledge about the different needs of the production cycle.

2.  Advanced equipment and technology, from planning to the final tests to guarantee the good quality of the product.

3.  Tenroy perfect quality and management system, certified by the system ISO9001:2000, won many good honors such as Professional, Unique, Innovative Enterprise of Ma anshan, Three-star Enterprise etc.

4. With independent intellectual property rights for tenroy tools

5. Tenroy having been provided tools for Amada, Strippit, Nisshinbo, Trumpf, Murrata, Finn-power, China Jing FangYuan, Jinan Jieda etc.

6. Comprehensive tooling production line.

7. All standard or special shapes, thick or thin turret, murata or trumpf toolings are available in tenroy company and customization is also welcomed.

8. Tenroy products features designed to improve your piece part quality maximize the productivity and extend the tooling life.

9. Tenroy superior craftsmanship in manufacturing punch press tools, press brake tools & blades will make you be the best fabricators in the world.

10. Tenroy competitive price may reduce your production cost and improve your competitiveness in your market.


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