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Reasons for the failure of the die in stamping process
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Stamping process is one of the practical process of forming large volume parts. Die failure is one of the most easily occurred problems in stamping production, which often result in the production process, which affects the production cycle of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause of the mold failure as soon as possible, reasonable maintenance.
1 mold damage
Mold damage refers to the mold cracking, breaking, rising and so on, to deal with the problem of mold damage, must be from the mold design, manufacturing process and the use of the mold to find reasons. If caused by foreign body into the mold and parts overlap, waste obstruction, without timely treatment, inherited the production and processing, it is easy to damage the die plate, a punch, a lower template and a guide post to Rockies. Design of spring force is too small or high set of unequal height, will make the spring break, the blanking plate tilt. Punch the damaged parts caused by overlapping. If the quenching temperature of the mold temperature is too high, the quenching method and the time is not reasonable, as well as the tempering frequency and temperature, the choice of the elbow, will lead to damage to the mold into the stamping production. The punch fixed screw improper or insufficient strength. Cause the punch dropped or broken. The work height adjustment is too low, the guide pillar lubrication is insufficient. Generally, the heat treatment process of the mold material has a great influence on its heat treatment process. The blanking hole size or the depth of the design is not enough, easy to cause damage to the blanking plate slot obstruction. The mold is used, parts of the location and direction of installation errors or bolt is not good.
2 card mode
The main reasons are: Die card mode caused by incorrect orientation, tilt. Otherwise, the fault will be enlarged, resulting in damage to the die. Caused by the deformation of the mold, such as mold base, hardness, thickness of template design is too small, easily affected by external impact deformation; no installation position of die, lower die positioning error tolerance. Should the progress of punch strength, enhance the protection of the stripper plate guide.
The press or have too low accuracy of the die to produce interference; punch strength is not enough, the size of punch positions too close, the mold of the lateral force imbalance. In the stamping process, once the mold clamping is not flexible, even death card, you must immediately stop production, find out the card mode, troubleshooting.
3 die damage and repair
The stamping die mold. The high cost usually costs accounted for the total cost of the 1/5-1/4. A one-time repair costs more than the original cost of the die or die life is nearly 70%. When the mold maintenance technology and mold repair costs are too complex is too large, difficult must make maintenance cycle is too long, seriously affected the normal production of stamping, should choose early failure and re mold manufacturing. General.
The mold is damaged, there is a choice of topic maintenance and scrapping. But. Therefore, timely repair die, preventing mould damage, can greatly reduce the cost of production of stamping mould. When the mold parts hub to serious damage, sometimes also damaged the punch and die. This is because, in addition to the difficulty and high cost of external mold manufacturing. Non natural stamping die wear failure, such as non hub parts damage.
Under normal circumstances, the main failure form of die stamping is excessive wear. From the delivery of new mold manufacturing. To exceed the standard, burr punching parts size and shape precision, and the mold can no longer repair or no repair of the value, it can only be scrapped will die. From the new mold put into use to discard.

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