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Hardware tool industry in the future will be upgraded to a service oriented manufacturing
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At present, China's hardware tools industry output value of over 100 billion yuan, the Wendeng Power Tool Group Co. Ltd is the world's largest manufacturer of spanner, the company in 2012 to become the industry's first state that the title of enterprise technology center; Hebei Botou tools group is the world's largest manufacturer of explosion-proof tools, exports international the market share of nearly 80%, the company has landed three new board in 2015; Jiangsu Tongrun Limited by Share Ltd is Asia's largest manufacturer of toolbox is Asia's largest Polytron Technologies Inc; Hangzhou star five gold tool products exporters; Jiangsu Hongbao Limited by Share Ltd, Hangzhou star Polytron Technologies Inc, Jiangsu Tongrun Limited by Share Ltd is currently the industry's prestigious listing Corporation, a number of companies are also tools actively planning for the listing.
China Hardware Products Association awarded a total of five tools of industrial clusters, respectively, Daxin Town, Zhangjiagang, "China hardware town, Jinhua City," China hardware industry base ", Jiande City" China hardware tools (screwdriver) industrial base, Lin'an City, "China industry and trade with hardware production base (Lin), Yi Qiao Zhen" Chinese hardware town ". From the development of tools and hardware industry cluster, regional effect block to improve significantly, and the number of enterprises in the cluster industry overall size to maintain steady growth. The healthy operation of tools and hardware industry cluster, and laid a solid foundation for the steady development of the industry.
At present, the traditional European hardware tools manufacturing power industry is facing recession, China hardware tools industry is to the development of specialization, collectivization, Gaodanghua direction.
During the 45, the industry backbone enterprises to full range using advanced forging, machining and mold repair, CNC machine tools and multi station combined machine tool, and the controlled atmosphere heat treatment, high-frequency induction heating, environmental protection electroplating advanced technology to transform traditional industries, improve labor productivity, improve product quality, grade and added value, change in mode of development, take the road of innovation and development of high standard, high quality, high efficiency. At the same time, to strengthen the basic construction in domestic and foreign exchanges on further promote the industry in manufacturing, sales, standards and testing, enhance Chinese tool industry in the global industrial chain in power tools.
Along with the enhancement of comprehensive national strength, China high-end manufacturing -- such as high iron manufacturing, has been recognized worldwide, it is also tool for industrial hardware products are internationally recognized has opened the door. The application and the rise of manufacturing output China requires both high-end products, to enhance the level of manufacturing industry also cannot do without the basic goods. In addition, the state is vigorously promoting the "The Belt and Road" emerging market to do the best for tools and hardware products to the channel.
In the domestic context, with the gradual improvement of the domestic professional manufacturing field demand increases and the sales channel system, enterprises in the past to worry about sales of small, slow payment also greatly improved. Domestic enterprises can not only self built system, can also trade dealers in cooperation with the comprehensive strength of the co-development of the market. The domestic market is stable, not only help enterprises to effectively resist the risk of overseas markets, will also bring more opportunities for the development of enterprises. No foreign markets do not, there is no domestic market instability. Tools hardware industry in the future development still need to maintain balance inside and outside.
Hardware tools to service manufacturing transformation and upgrading, will become the future direction of the manufacturing industry. Tool hardware is to provide the basis for the development of the manufacturing industry to support the industrial service type products, but also the development of the service sector in the hardware industry is typical. At present, industry backbone enterprises is no longer limited to simply providing after-sales service, but also the realization of the service forward starting from design and development, joint development and the whole process of coverage, are trying to finish from production type to service-oriented transformation upgrade.
Although a series of achievements has been made in the domestic high-end professional users. Some hardware tools manufacturers have also begun to provided products and services for the construction of high-speed rail, car repair, shipbuilding and other professional fields, but the development of the industry still faces difficulties and challenges. Tool manufacturers in the pursuit of high standards, high quality, high efficiency, high profit at the same time, but also should strengthen the channels to create and brand awareness, and strive to make domestic high-end tools to gain more recognition and influence.

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