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turret punch tools clamp in large demand
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1. Advanced equipment and technology;

2. High Precision on the key parts of tools;

3. Standardization with international main brands;

4. More Durable by overall quenching and refining process.

Production Description:


Tenroy cnc turret punch press tool clamp adopt high quality steel. We will make more than 20 times test and improvement on the craftwork regarding to every type of clamps that used on different machine. Using special heat treatment and surface finish process, which will prolong one time of the tooling life.


Order Requirements:


1. One set clamp including two pieces. Please mark two pcs when ordering.

2. Please advise whether the clamp include air cylinder while ordering, because the price is very difference with air cylinder or not.

3. If only the upper clamp plate is broken, you can only buy the upper clamp plate. The easy damaged parts usually are upper clamp plate, lower gear plate, stopper.

4. As clamp damage is a common problem, to confirm the continuous of processing, you can buy an extra clamp as spare parts.

Clamp View:

Product Application:

Tenroy toolings are widely used in communications equipment, kitchen equipment, hotel equipment, solar energy equipment, machine equipment, power and electrical control cabinets, low voltage switch cabinet, aviation, military, ships, locomotives, cars, refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, elevators, security door manufacturing, stainless steel decoration, cabinet manufacturing, and other sheet metal industries.

Why US:

Tenroy press brake tools adopt 42CrMo and advanced processing technology. The working accuracy of all the vital part can arrive to +-0.02mm. Our advantages are as below:


High Precision: all the cutting edge use one time grinding forming which will confirm highly consistent mould angle and “R” for the same model. So that to insure the same assembly accuracy for subsequent purchase.


StandardizationThe mold is consistent with the domestic and foreign standard, so that can be assembled simply with other manufacturers. Standard segmented part can bend any angle  efficiently. The standard operation reduces the loss of working hours, improve the efficiency of working.


Wear Resistance: All the whole mold through quenching and fine grinding, tenroy refuses partial quenching. It highly improve the mold overall stability, abrasion resistance and bending toughness that press brake tool should have.


Professional: Every year, tenroy company must be for all regular employees training so that to confirm their quality and continuously upgrade skills in order to provide high quality products and better customer service. 


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